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  • Do You Need Art School?
    I have an unusual profession. When I tell people that I’m a narrative designer for video games, people usually have one of these responses: “What does ‘narrative designer’ mean?” Basically, I’m a writer and game designer hybrid person. “Do games even have stories?” Yes. Games have gotten more sophisticated since BurgerTime. “That must be fun!” Yes! Well, depending! “Have you written any games I’ve played?” My games have been played by millions of people around… Read more: Do You Need Art School?
  • To Me, My X-Men Fandom
    I’m ready to embark on a series of new creative projects. To develop works guided by passion and interest, as opposed to capitalism and career advancement. So, what will be my first game project for Equip Story? First, a different question: Did you watch X-Men ’97? I promise, I’m not stalling. This is very much a part of my answer! Are you as obsessed with X-Men ’97 as I am? I never watch those YouTube… Read more: To Me, My X-Men Fandom
  • Embrace the Minus World
    A 40-year-old Mario glitch is all I’ve been thinking about lately. That’s because there’s a cartridge in my brain labelled “Artistic Practice” and I want to blow the dust out of it. I have a Google Doc of game ideas, but many of the ideas have languished on that list for years now. They’re trapped in an idea box, like a power-up in a Question Block, with no Mario coming around to set them free… Read more: Embrace the Minus World
  • The Joy of Leaving Substack
    The ice cream image will make sense when you finish reading the newsletter. I swear! I’m feeling overwhelmed… In a good way! Don’t worry, mom. I’m fine! Last week was my first Equip Story newsletter. I sent out the email on Thursday to everyone who has subscribed to my old Adventure Snack newsletter on Substack. But I wanted to make sure all my Substack subscribers knew I’d switched over to WordPress. In theory, everyone should’ve… Read more: The Joy of Leaving Substack
  • A New Beginning and No Ending
    Hello, again! 👋 It’s been a few months since I’ve been in your inbox. Love what you’ve done with the place! Those “time sensitive” political donation emails are so you. I think maybe a re-introduction is in order. Equip Story is the newsletter formerly known as Adventure Snack. To be clear, Equip Story is gonna be a departure from what I was writing before. It’s more like Equip Story is the legacy sequel to Adventure… Read more: A New Beginning and No Ending
  • I Published 100 Text Adventure Games in 4 Years
    After publishing 100 text adventure games in four and a half years, I believe Adventure Snack is very much a mixed success. Not a “critical hit,” as gamers say when they roll a perfect 20, but certainly not a “failed roll.” A success, but a qualified one. Here I’ll show you, goal-by-goal, where I’ve succeeded and where I’ve fallen short with Adventure Snack…