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Hey, I’m narrative designer Geoffrey Golden.
I’m learning how to make game development more fun and fulfilling.
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For the Love of the Game

Equip Story is my newsletter of self-discovery through game development. I’m Geoffrey, a game maker, narrative designer, and interactive fiction writer from Los Angeles with over 15 years experience. I’ve had commercial success working for studios like Disney, Gearbox, and Ubisoft, but I’ve always treated commercial success and the only conceivable goal for my art. Now I’m looking for something more.

Latest Posts

  • I Published 100 Text Adventure Games in 4 Years

    I Published 100 Text Adventure Games in 4 Years

    After publishing 100 text adventure games in four and a half years, I believe Adventure Snack is very much a mixed success. Not a “critical hit,” as gamers say when they roll a perfect 20, but certainly not a “failed roll.” A success, but a qualified one. Here I’ll show you, goal-by-goal, where I’ve succeeded…

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